9 July, 2015 Sad news.  Kate Gallion reports that Tom Gillespie, long time Science teacher at TAPP has died. links to the KOLD coverage.  Requiescat In Pace Tom.

25 March, 2015 Cort Russell (PM ‘9) comes through once again with YSF memorabilia!  Check out the Pics page and the Graphics page for new additions! As always, if you have any memorabilia you wish to share, please drop a note!

6 March, 2015 Spring is in the air (at least for those of us who don’t live in Boston) so It must be about time for our Spring Alumni Picnic! Put a big schulenheiser* on your calendar anticipating an afternoon of camaraderie and bonhomie! Saturday, April 18 Ft. Lowell Park, Ramada 3 11:00 – 3:00 or thereabouts If you enter Ft. Lowell Park from Craycroft, Ramada 3 is rear the north end of the parking lot and should be easily seen but just in case Liberti Moreno offered to make neon posters to help us find our way. BTW put your hands together and give Liberti a hug for organizing this event. The Ramada has a grill and we’ll bring charcoal and BBQ tools. (We may even spring for a small keg.) Each time we’ve had a picnic we asked that you bring food for yourselves and a bit more to share and we’ve always had plenty to go around. (Tucson Parks and Rec has a no glass bottle policy so if you bring beverages, please stick to plastic or metal containers.) WE NEED YOUR HELP NOTIFYING OUR FELLOW ALUMNI! If you know of any alumni (alumnus?) that doesn’t frequent Facebook,, or please extend a personal invitation and ask them to “like” the Project MORE Facebook so they get an invitation and updates! We also need your help tracking down several items of memorabilia. If you have any of the following you would be willing to loan us please bring them to the picnic. We promise to take good care of them and will return them as soon as they are copied or scanned. *schulenheiser: not sure if it’s a real word but it sounds better than “mark your calendar.” Besides, it’s fun to say “schulenheiser!”

3 March, 2015 Once again Cort Russell (PM ’98) has come through with YSF memorabilia: Dateline Downtown from November 1996 and a Sanguinary video from 1998 As always, if you have any memorabilia you wish to share, please drop a note! 3 January, 2015 Sorry to begin the year with sad news but Tom Anderson reports that Clyde Tidwell headed off to that big alternative school in the sky Friday.  Although he would never admit it, Clyde was the heart and soul of Cherry Field (Senior High Accommodations) in the 70’s and 80’s.  Requiescat in pace Clyde. Clyde's B-day 4Clyde Tidwell 27 October 1920  – 3 January 2015