Put your hands together for Cort Russell (’98) for providing these links to YouthStorefront videos!

The Three Muskrats/CJ And The Crew Was an Access Tucson Cable TV/Project MORE YouthStorefront project.

CJ And The Crew Episodes – Access Tucson Cable TV CHANNEL 61 Tucson, AZ Videos

2nd Episode CJ And The Crew 1996/1997 

3rd And 4th Episodes CJ And The Crew 1996 /1997

5th Episode CJ And The Crew 1996/1997

Sanguinary Tucson live performance with live and remastered audio.
Original performance/recording date April 18, 1998 Between 7:00PM and
midnight at The Youth Storefront for TAMMIES

2A Sanguinary Tucson Live 04 18 98